Why Should You Consider Motorized Shading Solutions?

Innovative motorized shading solutions are compatible with smart home products like lights, thermostats, and security systems. They can be controlled via an easy-to-use app and work with voice assistants and third-party whole-home automation systems. Automated settings can also create scenes that involve multiple products, such as “Movie Time,” which closes all shades and dims the lights. These types of solutions are ideal for residential and commercial applications.


Motorized shades are easily controlled with remotes, timers, and sensors or hands-free with voice assistants. Many manufacturers offer a variety of control options to fit every lifestyle. Stylish hardware options hide unsightly wires and cords for a clean, finished look in any space. Shades such as Somfy motorized solutions can be programmed to open gradually in the morning and close at sunset, harvesting daylight and blocking generated heat to lower energy costs. They can also be set to adjust during the day based on the sun’s movement to help protect furniture from fading due to harmful UV rays. Innovative shading solutions can be integrated with other smart home products, like lighting and thermostats, to create a fully automated experience. A simple button press or voice command can trigger different “scenes” that involve your entire innovative home system – like “movie time,” where your shades come down, the lights dim, and the audio video turns on.

Energy Efficiency

From heating systems through the winter to cooling appliances during hot temperatures, it takes a lot of energy for our homes and buildings to function. Motorized shades at Treaty Oaky Shade Company help reduce this burden by blocking out the sun’s heat in summer and letting in its warmth in winter, keeping your space at a more comfortable temperature without excessive use of your HVAC system. Lastly, the absence of cords with bright shades makes them safer for children. Additionally, specific smart shade solutions can be connected to your home’s smoke alarm to open them when smoke is detected and allow emergency responders to see into your home. Finally, bright shade and blind integration allow you to easily create scenes that involve your shades and other home technology, like lights, televisions, and audio-video equipment. This is especially useful when you’re away from your home for days or weeks on vacation. By programming your shades to lower at specific times, you can make it appear as though your home is occupied and deter potential intruders.


Motorized shades block out daylight and reduce solar heat gain, improving occupant comfort while cutting energy costs. Our automated shade systems eliminate touchpoints, simplify installation, and integrate easily with third-party whole-home automation solutions. Unlike traditional window treatments, motorized shades have no cords to entangle children and pets. This safety feature makes them a popular choice for families with young children. It’s even possible to program your smart shades to move up and down at specific times of the day when you’re away. This can help your home look occupied and can help deter burglars. Motorized shades can be powered by a direct connection to the electrical system, a battery pack concealed within the headrail, or a gateway device that uses your Wi-Fi network to connect.


Motorized shades are often compatible with innovative home solutions, including lights, thermostats, and security systems. Synchronizing them with these devices allows homeowners to use voice commands and automation settings to control their entire smart home environment from a single app or remote. Another benefit is their child-safe design, as no cords or chains entice children and pets. Instead, they can be opened and closed with preset timers or by a smartphone app. The ability to schedule them to go up and down at different times of the day also offers a layer of security, as it gives the illusion that your house is occupied. At the same time, you’re away—a deterrent against break-ins. Whether you’re looking for a custom solution for an unusually shaped window or skylight or simply a simple way to reduce energy bills, a motorized shading system is the best option. They’re available in various fabrics and colors, with hardware that conceals unsightly wires and screws for a sleek aesthetic.



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