Tips for Preparing for Your Breast Biopsy in Los Angeles

If you have you’re breast biopsy in Los Angeles scheduled, perhaps you’re feeling a bit nervous about the procedure. Although the procedure is fairly simple, many patients feel extremely anxious about undergoing a biopsy. This isn’t because the procedure is invasive or risky, but rather because learning the results can feel daunting.

Scheduling a biopsy can mean a few things, but the main reason is to thoroughly inspect an area of the breast that seems suspicious. Do your best not to worry, though. Even if the results aren’t exactly what you’re hoping for, you’re taking the very first step in the treatment process. To be fully prepared before the biopsy procedure, follow these tips.

Avoid Eating and Drinking Large Quantities Beforehand

There’s a lot of confusion about how to spend the time immediately prior to the biopsy procedure. Some patients wonder if they’re allowed to eat beforehand, if drinking water is OK, or if anything special needs to be done. You should avoid eating for 8 hours beforehand; if your procedure is in the morning, try not to give into those late night munchies after midnight. If you need to drink water, take small sips.

For taking medication, do that as you normally would, just do your best to consume as little water as possible. The only medication you should avoid is Aspirin since it acts as a blood thinner, but Tylenol is OK. The only thing you should avoid is wearing deodorant, but if you forget, no worries. This can be easily wiped away before the procedure.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The team at the breast biopsy center is there to keep you calm and answer any questions that you might have. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the procedure as it’s happening, the healthcare professional will be happy to let you know what’s going on. After the procedure, ask about the next steps and what is to be expected in the days to come. It’s important to fully understand what’s going on, and the best way to make that happen is through questions.

Bring a Supportive Friend or Family Member

Depending on the type of biopsy you’ll be receiving, it might not be entirely necessary to bring someone along. In some cases, patients are required to bring someone along to drive them home. No matter if it’s required or not, it’s a good idea to have the support of a friend or family member.

What to Wear to Your Biopsy Procedure

Try to remember to wear or bring a tight-fitting bra to your procedure. You clothes can be loose fitting and comfy, but a supportive bra is a must. Even if you’re not keen on wearing a bra normally, this is an important tip to follow. It’s best if this bra does not contain an underwire, a sports bra works well for this. UCSF Health says that it’s best to “wear a bra for three to four days following surgery, even while you sleep. This minimizes post-operative bleeding and will make you more comfortable.”



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