Three DIY Cereals to Promote Heart Health

Eating a healthy breakfast is a great way to start your day. Not only does it spark your metabolism and fuel the day’s activities, but a nutritious breakfast can promote heart health by incorporating ingredients that help lower blood pressure, manage cholesterol. and maintain a healthy weight. If you struggle to find ready-made cereals with the desired ingredients, try one of these do-it-yourself versions.

1. DIY Oatmeal

Oats are a whole-grain food rich in fiber and nutrients that can help combat heart disease. Processed oatmeal you buy at the store may include harmful added sugars. For that reason, cardiac experts like Ian Weisberg may encourage you to make your own oatmeal or porridge at home.

Oatmeal is a versatile food that you can prepare by boiling oats in water or milk or soaking them overnight in yogurt. Top your oatmeal with fresh fruit to maximize the health benefits of this nutritious meal. 

2. DIY Muesli

Traditionally, muesli is made from some combination of rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. When you make this cereal at home, you can skip the added sugars often included in store-bought versions. Similar to oatmeal, muesli is beneficial to your heart as it includes whole-grain oats rich in fiber as well as added protein from nuts and vitamins and minerals from fruit.

People normally consume muesli raw instead of cooked. This makes it a quick and easy DIY breakfast to take on the go. As you plan your ingredients, don’t feel trapped by tradition. Experiment by adding different varieties of nuts and fruits, or try adding a dollop of plain yogurt or a pinch of cinnamon for added flavor.

3. DIY Granola

You’ll use similar ingredients in your DIY granola as you would in muesli, but you’ll bake them in an oven until they’re crispy. Granola normally contains the same heart-healthy whole-grain oats, protein-rich nuts, and nutrient-packed fruit. 

Making granola at home allows you to skip the added sugars manufacturers often add to store-bought versions. However, if you’re watching your weight, you’ll want to closely weigh out small portions of granola to enjoy as the ingredients are calorie-dense. Consider topping granola with fresh fruit if you want to add a little low-calorie sweetness to the dish.

Crafting a nutritious, heart-healthy breakfast at home from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated. By combining fiber-packed whole grains, natural proteins, and nutrient-rich fruit you can enjoy a flavorful cereal without worrying about hidden, harmful additives.  




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