The New Cultivator’s Guide to Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Did you know that around 6 percent of cannabis users grow their own cannabis? A huge step towards growing your own flower is learning the basics of germinating cannabis seeds. You’ll have a hard time growing your favorite strains if you never learn how to germinate seeds to start the growing process.

If you start learning today, it will be no time until you understand why anthocyanin causes purple pigmentation in weed and which strains will give you the best yield for the growing conditions you have. If you are still hungry for more, why not learn how to make full melt dry sift as well?

Dispensaries are making things simpler for you to get your favorite strains, but if you have a green thumb then it can’t hurt to learn seed germination for your own uses and needs. The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn all about seed germination for cannabis. There is also a guide at if you want to learn how to grow cannabis sustainably.

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Choose Your Cannabis Seeds

In order to start germinating cannabis seeds, you’ll need to find a reputable seller that has cannabis seeds for sale. Start by finding seed companies that you trust and going over their selection of cannabis seeds. You also need to avoid having your cannabis seeds mailed to your growing location.

Most people start with indica seeds since they’re quick and easy to grow compared to their sativa counterparts. These trains remain small and stocky and will start producing flower before you know it once you germinate the cannabis seeds.

Sativa cannabis seeds have a tendency to take much longer to produce flower. They’re a better fit if you’re not in a huge rush to get more cannabis. Make sure that you take steps to learn How to grow cannabis.

Sprouting Seeds

There are a variety of methods that you can use when you want your cannabis seeds to start sprouting. Some people prefer using a moist paper towel for germinating cannabis seeds while others plant them in the soil where they plan to grow the cannabis in.

The moist paper towel method uses two moist paper towels with cannabis seeds in between them. Place a plate on top of these paper towels for a few days and you should see the seeds cracking. From there, you’ll place the seed into the growing medium of your choice.

Your other option is to plant right into the medium from the start. To do this, poke a hole in the soil and drop the cannabis seed about one-half of an inch down. Cover the seed with soil and tamp it down so it is secure.

Provide Care

The next step of germinating cannabis seeds involves providing care to the seeds as they start to sprout and grow. It should take a few days before you see green shoots emerging from your soil. At this point, you should start placing your seeds under a grow light to help them in their journey towards maturity.

Be careful where you place the grow light since higher grow lights make the cannabis plants stretch further. It’s also wise to use a timer to make sure that the seeds are under the grow light for 18 hours each day.

Now You’re Prepared to Start Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds is a much easier process than you’d think, and it adds a new skill and some fresh cannabis to your arsenal. It’s up to you to decide which seeds you want and the seed germination method that you prefer. From there, make sure you use a grow light to help your cannabis plants mature.

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