The Most Common Types of Weeds Growing in Your Yard & Garden

Whether you’re planting a new garden this season or want your lawn to be clean and perfect, no backyard is completely free of weeds.

Some of them are invasive and will kill the plants around them. Others are harmless but annoying and will feed on the nutrients of your plants. In any case, the best way to get rid of weeds is to act fast and use herbicides where necessary.

Keep reading to discover the most common types of weeds in your garden and what to do about them. 


Dandelions are among the first weeds to appear in the spring. You’ll recognize them by their bright yellow flower and later on by their tiny parachute-like seeds.

But don’t be tempted to blow a dandelion just yet! This is how they’re spreading the seeds all over your garden and making your yard maintenance more challenging. Instead, either use a broadleaf herbicide or remove them by digging them up together with the root.


Pigweed is the most annoying and most damaging weed in the garden and often requires intense weed control. You’ll recognize it by its fluffy tail-like floret that carries the seeds.

As with any other weed, the best way to get rid of it is to dig it up with the root. If there are too many to pull out, your only other option is to use weedkillers.

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Wood sorrel may look pretty when it blooms but it can quickly ruin your landscape design if you let it grow freely. You’ll find it among your best crops, plants, and flowers because wood sorrel loves fertile soil. It’ll steal all your plants’ nutrients so it’s best to pull it out as soon as notice it in the spring.


Crabgrass is one of the most common weeds that can quickly take over your garden if you don’t remove it promptly. It looks like regular grass so you may have a hard time spotting it at first.

When you do notice it, remove it from the roots and apply weedkiller if needed. Is crabgrass reappearing constantly even after extensive lawn care? Then it might be time to hire the professionals at Heartland Turf & Landscape to help make your lawn healthy and lush.

Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie is an ivy plant that’s so invasive nothing else can grow around it. It quickly takes over its environment not allowing any other plant to grow. This can make garden maintenance impossible so act quickly when you spot this weed.

Because it’s an ivy, it spreads in a net-like fashion so it’s best to remove it from the root. If you leave even a tiny fraction of the root, it’ll grow all over again.

Now You Can Recognize and Remove the Different Types of Weeds in Your Garden

Whether you’re a beginner gardener or just love to keep your lawn lush and healthy, you need to know how to recognize these types of weeds that can take over your plants. This way, you can take action right away and remove them before they do any damage to your crops.

Want more gardening and backyard maintenance tips? Head over to our blog where we write about the best ways to improve your home and garden the easy way.



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