The Importance of Headshots for Real Estate Agents, Explained

Wondering if you need to get a real estate agent headshot? Not sure what the importance of a good headshot is?

If you want to make a great first impression on prospective clients, you need to take a lot of care when putting an image of yourself out there. Getting professional headshots is essential as a real estate agent and will help you improve your business and build better relationships with clients you work with.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand the importance of headshots for real estate agents.

Understanding Real Estate Headshots

A headshot is a professional photo of you that is used to show how you look to potential clients. A professional real estate photo will be a calling card for your business and will serve as a client’s first impression of your business.

It’s important to get a professional headshot that shows you in the best light possible. This will help ensure that prospective clients will be able to place their trust in you and feel that you’re competent at what you do.

It’s a big mistake to look too casual in your headshot or to use a headshot that is old and outdated. You should also refrain from getting an amateur headshot.

While you can learn how to take a great headshot on your own, it’s usually best to leave it to professionals. Hiring a professional photographer to take your headshot will help ensure that it looks amazing and that it makes a good first impression on clients.

Why Use Professional Headshots in Real Estate?

There are many reasons you should use a professional headshot in real estate. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider.

1. Appear More Professional

One of the top reasons to get a professional headshot taken is because it will simply make your business seem more professional.

If you’re using a poorly lit, unprofessional headshot for your business, it may seem low effort. If you don’t look your best in your headshot, it may also seem like you won’t provide great services as an agent either.

By putting effort into making your headshot as professional as possible you’ll also appear as though you’ll put in effort when offering real estate services as well.

2. Improve Your Branding

There are many things you can do to build your brand and display it better to potential clients. Especially as a new agent, it’s important to improve your branding. A great professional photo of yourself is just one way that you can brand yourself and set yourself apart from other businesses.

Your headshot will become synonymous with the name of your real estate agency. Your brand will begin to be recognized as you use it more and more in marketing materials and listings.

3. Give the Perfect First Impression

If you’ll be offering professional services as a real estate agent, there’s probably a certain way that you want to appear to potential clients that you work with. As a real estate agent, you should want to make a great first impression on everyone you meet.

A professional headshot can serve as this first impression in your place. By crafting your professional headshot with care and being selective about how you appear in it, you’ll come across exactly the way that you want to when a prospective client gets their first look at you.

4. Seem More Personable

One of the best reasons to use a professional headshot in your real estate business is because it shows potential clients that there’s a real person behind your business.

When you use the name of your real estate business alone when listing properties or seeking clients, your business won’t appear as personable or approachable. It will seem like you’re just a faceless real estate company rather than a service-oriented company with a real desire to help clients meet their goals.

When using a professional headshot, clients will know right away that the person running the agency has a real personality and will provide personalized service.

Tips For Getting Great Real Estate Agent Headshots

If you’ve decided that you need to get headshots for your real estate business, you need to get them done right. Here are some of the top tips you should remember when getting professional headshots for real estate agents.

1. Use a Simple Background

One of the things to remember when getting real estate headshots is that you should keep the background simple. Ensure that the background isn’t distracting and remember that the headshot is supposed to show you, not your location.

A simple white, black, or gray background is all you really need to take a photo that looks professional. 

2. Choose a Neutral Pose

Remember to keep your body language open and neutral when taking your headshot photos. Crossing your arms isn’t the best option and can make you appear closed-off, frustrated, and unfriendly.

Be sure to ask your headshot photographer to provide tips for your pose when taking the photos.

3. Show a Warm Personality

One of the top keys to getting real estate headshots is to make sure that you’re smiling.

You’ll want to seem friendly and approachable to your clients right away. Be sure that you’re giving off a confident, happy, and warm vibe to those who see your headshot. 

4. Get New Headshots Every Year

If you want to come across in the best way in your real estate business, you need to make sure that you update your headshots regularly. Getting headshots taken yearly is a great rule of thumb.

Getting annual photos taken will help ensure that your headshots always demonstrate what you look like in the present time, rather than 10 or 15 years ago.

5. Use Your Headshots Everywhere

Remember that if you’ve crafted your headshots with care and are proud of how they look, you should use them whenever possible. Be sure to use your headshots as┬ápart of your marketing materials and include them in listings, on social media, on your website, in “for sale” signs, and anywhere else that you can think of.

You should also include your headshot wherever you include your bio, such as on your website or on listing sites. Be sure to create a great bio for yourself as a real estate agent. You may want to check out this detailed guide if you want to write the perfect real estate bio.

Recognizing the Importance of Headshots For Real Estate Agents

It’s important to understand the importance of headshots for real estate agents, so be sure that you take the above guide to heart. With the right headshots, you’ll boost your business and have more clients than you ever had before.

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