Specialty Glass: Why Is It Becoming A Trend?

Glass is getting thinner, allowing large smart surfaces to be a reality. New glass compositions also allow for curved screens without sacrificing readability. A great touch experience is essential for a showroom kiosk or smart storefront display. Tough specialty glass can withstand busy public use’s daily bumps and thumps.

Energy Efficiency

A major specialty glass trend is the desire for more energy efficiency. Coated glass helps keep structures cool by reflecting infrared heat while allowing visible light to pass through, reducing the need for air conditioning. It also keeps buildings warm in colder climates by re-radiating the heat stored inside. Specialty glass is also used on sleek integrated screens in various home management and entertainment systems. Moreover, businesses are increasingly collaborating around multi-touch surfaces that allow them to view high-resolution videos, analyze data, or plan new designs.


Safety is one of the main reasons people choose specialty glass West Palm Beach for their homes and business. Security concerns include forced entry from burglars and even natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes that can cause broken windows and doors to fall, putting occupants at risk of injury. Using laminated or tempered glass for your home or business is a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of injury. These types of glass are compressed and tempered with heat and cold during production. This makes them much stronger and shatter-resistant than traditional (float) glass.


While often used as a functional element, glass can add an attractive aesthetic to your home. Patterned glass is a great example of this, with its wide variety of designs (from flowers to swirls) offering various levels of privacy and light admittance. Another common style of specialty glass is tinted glass, which offers some level of UV-light protection and reduces the transmissibility of visible light. These are produced by adding metal oxides to normal float glass during manufacturing. Etched and stained window glass is commonly thought of when discussing specialty glass, but there are many other ways to use these panes in your home. For example, they make excellent shower doors and closet doors. They are an option for larger picture windows to block out sunlight and prevent furniture and carpet fading.


Specialty glass is highly durable and can be used for a long period. This feature can be useful for homeowners who are remodeling their homes. The durability of specialty glass can also help ensure safety. This is because it is insulated and cannot conduct electric current. Tempered glass is a type of specialty glass that has been made stronger through heating and cooling. It can withstand rapid temperature changes, making it ideal for various applications, including laboratory equipment, appliances, and household items.


When it comes to specialty glass, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Whether you’re using glass to transform commercial spaces or residential designs, the beauty of this type of product is that you can choose the style and functionality you want with all the benefits of safety and durability. Whether building an office space or creating a stunning home, glass offers a level of customization that other materials simply cannot. Glass can be etched, frosted, or tinted to meet your exact specifications. You can create a unique design using textured glass, providing a semblance of privacy while letting in light.



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