Should I Invest In A Firewood Rack?

When many of us think of a relaxing scene, especially in wintertime, we imagine cosy blankets, a mug of coffee or hot chocolate, and most importantly, a fire crackling away in front of us. Whether it is outdoors or right inside our living rooms, having a fire burning is the perfect setting for a chill evening in, or a social evening huddled around it with friends. To have this perfect setting requires some forethought. Your choice of wood, believe it or not, is important. Whoever says ‘wood is wood’ is just wrong. You want wood that will burn evenly and is easy enough to catch fire in the first place. Otherwise, you will spend your whole evening trying to start and then maintain your fire. Once you have the right type of firewood, you need to think about how you are going to store it. The too recommendation for this would be a firewood rack. Why is this advisable?

Why use a firewood rack?

When you are storing your firewood, there are a few things to consider and a few things you want to get right. It needs to be somewhere as unwelcoming for pests as possible, and it needs to be somewhere it can be kept dry. Additionally, you will want it to be somewhere you can access it easily at any time. Ideally, it should be elevated off the floor. It should be covered to keep it dry, but not fully enclosed. This is because you want airflow and ventilation to reach your firewood. And lastly, you want this firewood supply to be kept a little distance from your house, preferably at least five feet away. Don’t store it up against a wall of your home, as this will invite pests into your home.

So, what do you think meets all of these criteria? You got it, a firewood rack. Just make sure of what you are buying first. A firewood rack is more than just a rack that holds wood. You want to make sure it has the proper ventilation while also making sure the wood stays dry. You may be tempted to go for a cheaper rack, thinking you will stick it in a garage or shed and so you don’t need it to be waterproof. But doing this will only invite pests into your garage or shed, or whatever indoor space you consider.


Using a firewood rack to store your firewood is the best option for all of the reasons mentioned above. Make sure you get one that is suitable for the purpose, don’t try and cut corners as it will cause more problems than it is worth. You will make those relaxing evenings a lot easier for yourself, just by using the right type of firewood and storing it in a firewood rack. 



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