Reasons to Buy a 1ml Round Tip Vape Cartridge Blister Pack

There are several reasons to buy a 1ml round-tip vape cartridge blister pack. They are cost-effective, durable, and easy to assemble. They feature a clamshell design and are made from plastic, making them the perfect option for storing vaporizer cartridges before use. They also come with space for labeling. Blister packaging allows customers to see the goods, which aids in their purchasing choice. More than half of customers say seeing a product through its packaging is significant.


Buying a 1ml round tip vape cartridge blister pack is a cost-effective way to store and protect your cartridges. This packaging is made from high-quality plastic and has enough space for labels.

Blister packing is a low-cost method of displaying a product. Because of the nature of the material and design, it is less expensive than other types of packaging on the market. Blister packaging comes in numerous varieties. Each has distinct attributes and pricing ranges, ranging from entry-level to high-end.


Cartridges are typical vape pen vaporizers in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Choosing a reliable manufacturer with the highest safety standards is essential when purchasing cartridges. It will ensure you get a cartridge that works well and does not leak or cause other issues.

Another significant advantage of adopting blister packaging is its design flexibility. Companies can use blister packs to make their products more aesthetically attractive. In general, the blister pack’s backside provides the most significant design opportunities, with many firms using eye-catching designs and text to draw buyers’ attention. The possibilities are unlimited, so choose artwork that catches the eye while also demonstrating the value of your product to clients.

You can also add instructional pictures or text to your package. This information can assist customers in following precise directions to utilize the product correctly. Furthermore, the information might be as straightforward as telling buyers what the product is and what it performs.

Easy to Assemble

One of the best parts of this blister pack is that it comes pre-assembled, which makes for a hassle-free experience. You can choose from various materials, including polypropylene, PET, and PVC. These clear clamshell blister packs also come in sizes from 400 to 1ml. You can even custom order them in your favorite flavor of e-liquid. 

Easy to Disassemble

The process is easy and safe when you’re ready to remove the oil from your 1ml round tip vape cartridge blister pack. First, you have to open it up, twist it counter-clockwise and pull the threads holding the mouthpiece in place.

Blister packaging, called clamshell packaging, is an effective way to display your vape cartridges and other cannabis products. They offer a secure seal while allowing visibility and easy access to your product, making them ideal for dispensaries and retail stores. They’re often used for vape cartridges, pills, extracts, and live resin. Some clamshell packs are more accessible to open than others, but all are designed to provide customers with safe and secure packaging options. Plus, they’re lightweight and affordable. They’re also made of recycled materials like PET and PVC. They’re an excellent choice for any vaping business looking to increase brand exposure.



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