Open Up: 5 Garage Remodeling Ideas

Is your garage an unorganized mess? According to a Wall Street Journal survey, just over 10% of homeowners are happy with the current state of their garage and wouldn’t want to improve it.

If you’re in the other camp, you probably want to make your garage more functional and free up some space for better traffic flow. Better organization will give you the space you need for hobbies and to house things like bicycles, beach supplies, and more. Luckily for you, companies like The Smarter Garage can help you realize the best garage design that you have in mind.

Are you thinking about reorganizing and spiffing up your garage? Or maybe you’re thinking about a garage makeover to living space to increase your home’s square footage? Stick with us and check out these top garage remodeling ideas that might work for you.

1. Workshop/Office

Do you like to craft or are you a woodworker? Fix up your garage to make room for a desk or workbench, cabinets for DIY supplies and tools. Considering that this workshop is going to see a lot of use, you should work with a professional company like HDR Garage, or a similar one, and get the best remodel that you need.

Fine tune the space so that it can even double as a home office. With the right organization, you’ll have the space to let your creativity flow and crush all those tutorials you’ve been wanting to try. You can even decorate the space to suit your taste and mood. For instance, why not add a pop of color with some cool lighting or wall art or hang a sign from Neon Mama and really make a statement.

2. Include a Mudroom

Are you looking for garage makeover ideas on a budget? This one is for you. Take an area of the garage, preferably close to the door going into the home, and add the elements you most often see in a mudroom.

Add cubby spaces, a bench, hooks for hanging things like backpacks, coats, and dog leashes and a place for shoes.

3. Home Gym

This is one of the small garage renovation ideas that many homeowners love. When your garage is too small to combine parking and storage, park your car outside and use the space as a home gym. During the nice weather months, you can raise the garage door for a fresh air workout.

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4. Bedroom Suite

Do you need an extra bedroom for your growing family? Turn your garage into an extra bedroom. Add a closet for clothes and a window for natural light.

If you want to preserve some space for storage, you can build a wall parellel to the garage door, leaving an area for storage.

5. Vacation Rental

Do you live in an area where you can earn some extra income with a vacation rental? Turn your garage into a comfortable guest suite.

Empty it out and begin the transformation. Add some plush bedding, bright decor, add a bathroom, a counter for a coffee bar, and begin advertising.

Garage Remodeling Ideas

Which one of these garage remodeling ideas appeals to you? Whether you want to increase storage, paint the walls and floor, or turn it into a more usable space, one of these garage renovation ideas will give you a jumpstart. With a little bit of inspiration, you can make your garage more functional and a space you enjoy.

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