​​Most Popular Commercial Estate Designs

What makes a good property investment?

Commercial buildings are more than just places to do business. Often with large canvases to work on, they are a statement, a legacy and tourist attractions all rolled into one.

They can stand out for their unique designs, the materials used, the colour or the height. Think of the Shard in London, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Chrysler building in New York City. These aren’t among the most famous commercial buildings in the world for nothing.

Their fascinating and creative facades bring in travellers and mark the cities’ skylines with their own special signatures to them. Historically, the designs featured in a skyline can symbolise the cities wealth, which comes hand in hand with power. From this, it changes the dynamic of the environment around them and It can alter what people wear and how people act.

Popular architectural trends

Besides specific buildings, popular architectural design trends also create the atmosphere of an era. They are long-remembered and even recreated until much later for their own unique attributes.

The mid-century modern style, for instance, continues to be popular in the US according to the Architectural Digest magazine. Simplicity, clean lines, lots of natural light and warm colours mark this design style. It has been around since the 1940s and is now seeing a resurgence in popularity.

It’s not the only decades-old style that’s favoured though. Others like minimalist, art-deco, modern and Victorian architecture are also among the most searched-for design trends in the country. This is due to the ever changing trends and the love for retro designs in this modern age.

Practical benefits of good design

Good architectural design can a long way in ensuring positive practical outcomes too. Well-designed houses are believed to increase in value quicker. In the UK, they are said to have a 12% higher value than similar-sized houses in the same area. For houses with a value of over £1 million, the difference increases to 19%!

Officegoers feel more productive in well-designed offices. With flexible working on the rise, offices are spaces for collaboration and socialising now. Interior design trends like movable partitions and modular meeting pods are gaining ground. So are sustainability and eco-friendly spaces.

Good design might even make a difference in crime levels. An open space with clear views can inhibit burglaries. Smart buildings can also detect intruders.

Investing in property now

So, if you are someone with an eye for design, you already have an edge. And this might be the right time to invest in property for two reasons:

1.Property prices are falling as:

  • The global economy is slowing down, which means incomes are growing at a smaller rate. This can also cool off property demand.
  • High inflation is cutting into buyers’ budgets. Interest rates are rising because of rising prices too. These reasons are likely to put off big-ticket purchases like real estate at this time.

In the US, commercial property prices dropped by 5% in October from three months ago. Experts expect further price drops through 2023, making it a good time to start scouting for properties with the support of real estate prospecting tools like that at Biscred. It eliminates the leg work from property prospecting with its intelligent mapping structure.

2. At the same time, rents are rising. In the first quarter of 2022, apartment rents rose by 11.3% while commercial rents like industrial and retail rose by 11% and 4% respectively. So, buying a property to rent at this time can be a good idea.

Buy well-designed properties

The key point to remember is to look to make real estate investments in well-designed architecture. Several designs that have been around for decades are popular even today. Mid-century modern is at the top of the list today. Its clear-cut style includes elements like colour and light. Light especially naturally occurring light, can help a space feel less cramped and will make the room seem larger; it eliminates shadows and the harsh lighting which will make a space seem smaller.

Having an eye for design is an advantage since these properties are can appreciate faster. They also have a positive impact on people’s productivity in the office. Offices are quickly evolving with flexible working on the rise and sustainability big on the agenda. Crime prevention is also possible with good planning. With real estate prices expected to decline in 2023, now would be a good time to start looking for properties.



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