How to Find the Best Real Slots Online: A Guide

It is estimated that at least 26% of the world’s population engages in some form of gambling. In a multi-billion-pound industry, websites have attracted fierce competition and there are numerous ways they attempt to attract customers. So how do you know which are the best ones?

If you are a slot player, finding the right ones can be hard. Read on as we tell you the best way to find real slots online.

Return to Player

If you want to increase your chances of winning, then you need slot machines with the highest return to player (RTP). This is the percentage of all the money wagered on a slot that gets paid back to players.

For example, if a slot has a 10% RTP rate, that much will be paid back to players. If $100 is put into the slot, at some point $10 will be paid out.

Keep in mind that this does not guarantee that you will be paid that amount. RTP does not have any indication of how likely you are to hit bonus rounds or get a win.

Finding Slot Machines With a Higher RTP

There are numerous websites online that find the highest RTP slot machines for you. Do a quick Google search, or visit a site regularly for updates on the newest ones. Casino news often has excellent recommendations.

If you find a slot game you are interested in, then you can find the RTP in the settings or the help section. Most games will have an RTP of between 92% to 97%. If you want a better chance of winning, then go for slots that have around 96% or above when gambling online.


RTP is a measure of how much a game pays out. Volatility is the measure of how often it pays. The combination of them can produce quite different experiences.

A high RTP combined with a low volatility slot will give you regular wins but at a lower amount. It will also result in fewer bonus rounds and jackpot chances.

Switch it around and have a low RTP with high volatility and you get the opposite. You will get fewer wins, but when they do it will be bigger. You will also get into more jackpot chances and bonus rounds.


Jackpots are the top amount that a slot may payout. It is often a lump sum accessed through bonus rounds. They come in several forms, with progressive slots being the most popular.

The top payout jackpot is the maximum amount you can win on the machine. It will advertise this proudly on the information screen.

Mini, major, mega and grand jackpots are usually advertised on the screen itself. They will have a starting seed value and won’t return to zero if they are not won. Minor jackpots get won more frequently, with the higher ones awarded less.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots operate in a slightly different way from others. They will take a small amount of every bet made and add it to a jackpot total. If you don’t win the jackpot amount, it carries on to the next person and keeps building until a lucky winner gets it all.

When online gambling, a progressive slot with its own jackpot is rare. Instead, several machines are grouped, sharing the same total and putting into the same pot. This means the total rises quicker and looks more attractive to the gambler.

If you want to win and have a small budget, progressive slots may not be the best choice. They have very low RTP ratings, so winning decent amounts is not always possible. To access the top jackpot prizes, you also need to bet the maximum amount, so you may end up putting in more than you get back.

Bonuses and Free Spins

Online betting is a competitive field, and websites will do anything to get your business. That often results in an offer of bonuses and free spins. But just how useful are they?

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are special features and opportunities to win, added to the base game. They usually begin when you land on a combination of given symbols, known as the scatters. Once you are in a bonus game, you have the chance to access the biggest wins, or jackpot totals if you are playing progressive slot games.

There are two ways bonus rounds can operate. Some may use the same set of reels and multipliers and work on top of the base game. Others may open up a whole new game with different rules and reels.

It is not uncommon to see games that have bonus rounds and free spins on offer. However, it can be frustrating when you see the symbols appear and don’t get them. Instead, concentrate on games that feature only one.

Free Spins

Free spins allow you to access attempts on the slot machine without putting in a wager. The more spins, the more chance you have to win. When they are free, you don’t risk losing any capital.

To get them, you usually have to get a combination of free spin symbols. You should check a game before you play to see how they are awarded, as it can change with each machine. Normally, three free spin symbols are needed to open free spins.

Rounds with free spins can often offer other bonuses. Additional retrigger spins are great as they provide more opportunities to win.

Signing Up for Real Slots Online

Now you know how to find real slots online, get searching. Decide on the type of game you want to play and get the RTP and volatility level right. After this, set a budget and stick to it.

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From gambling to finance, we can help you get the most from your money in the coming year.



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