How To Decorate Your Granny Pod’s Interior: A Guide

A granny pod is another name for an accessory dwelling unit. A granny pod is a unit placed in the backyard of a home that allows your grandparent to live comfortably. These units have all the necessities someone would need for everyday life. 

They’re small units, but they have a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a small living space, and storage. Now that you have your granny pod set up in your yard, the next step is figuring out how to decorate it. Granny pods don’t have as much space as a regular home does, so you’ll need to be a bit strategic when planning your granny pod’s interior design.

Not sure where to begin? Continue reading below to learn some of the best tips and tricks for decorating granny pods!

Let in All the Light

There’s not much space in a granny pod, but there’s enough to give your parent or grandparent a functional living space. To help make the pod seem a bit larger than what it is, be sure to let in the light. You want to allow as much light as possible to flow through the pod. 

Hopefully, there are large windows that’ll bring natural light in. When decorating the pod, make sure not to block any of the windows. All windows should be left without obstructions. 

You can also consider using lamps throughout the pod to add even more light where needed.

Use Mirrors to Add Depth

Another way to help the space feel larger than it is is to use mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion that a room is larger. When used correctly, mirrors can look quite sophisticated as well. 

Purchase a few mirrors in various sizes and hang them throughout the granny pod. Place them on the walls in places where they can also reflect the light. When natural light shines through and hits the mirror, the mirror will reflect the light and send it throughout the pod, brightening up the entire space. 

Think Vertically

One of the biggest challenges you might face in the granny pod is storage. Trying to find room for different storage options could become difficult at times. However, when you think outside the box you can take advantage of the space you have.

When you’re looking for different places in the pod to add storage solutions, think vertically. Install shelving and cabinets that reach up the wall and allow you to remove items from the floors or tabletops. A tall bookshelf is also a great solution. 

Try to use as much of your vertical wall space as possible without overcrowding a room. 

Use a Fold-Down Table

Your granny pod might have a space amount of space for a dining table, but to save room, you can consider using a fold-down table instead. A fold-down table can be installed on the wall, and you can fold it down when you’re ready to use it. Place two chairs on either side of the table.

When you’re not using it, you can easily fold it up and have some more foot space in the kitchen/dining area. 

Don’t Leave Wasted Space

When you have only a little bit of room to work with, you need to use any little bit of space you have. Don’t leave wasted space. The best way to take advantage of all the space you have is to ensure a functional design. For example, you can install a lazy Susan in your cabinets to make the most out of the corner space. 

You can install utensil holders under the cabinets, pot racks over the island, and so on.  

Paint With Bright Colors

When painting the interior of the granny pod, do make sure to use bright colors. Bright colors will help make the space appear larger. Dark colors will give the appearance of a smaller room. 

You can stick to white if desired, but you can still be creative while keeping the room bright and airy. Light shades of blue, yellow, beige, and even grey will work as well. If you’d rather keep the majority of the walls white, then you can choose one color to paint on an accent wall. 

Hang Artwork Above Eye-level

Artwork is essential to make a house feel like a home. Artwork can also help make the granny pod seem bright and full of space. Choose artwork that matches well with the color schemes used in the rest of the decor. 

Then, hang these art pieces above eye level. When you do this, it helps make the room seem larger with taller ceilings. 

Keep It Simple

Another important note to remember is that you don’t want to overcrowd the pod. Remember to keep it simple. Only design with furniture pieces that you’ll use. 

Overdecorating will quickly clutter your pod and make it seem much smaller than it is. Go through the current decor and start minimizing what you have. Once you begin to remove clutter, you’ll quickly see how the space begins to open up.

Granny Pod’s Interior Should Be Functional and Fabulous

Your granny pod is the perfect place for your parent or grandparent, or even yourself! It’s not too much space, but just enough room to live functionally in comfort. When planning your granny pod’s interior, make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind. 

Think functionality, storage options, and lots of natural light. 

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