How To Clean Mold off Furniture

Do you have mold growing on some of the wood furniture in your home? If so, you should try to remove it ASAP so that it doesn’t do any long-term damage to your furniture.

You should also figure out how to clean mold off furniture so that you and your family aren’t exposed to it. You may face serious health complications if you breathe in mold over an extended period of time.

It isn’t necessarily going to be super easy to clean mold off furniture. But you can work your way through the process of cleaning mold off furniture and make it disappear for good by taking the right steps.

We’ve assembled a list of furniture mold cleaning tips that will work wonders for your home’s wood furniture. Learn how to clean mold off furniture in our mold cleaning guide below.

Get Your Hands on Cleaning Products That Will Kill Mold

If you want to kill mold that is growing on wood furniture, you’re going to need to pull out the big guns. You won’t be able to get away with using some rinky-dink cleaning product to get the job done.

Instead, you’ll need to search for cleaning products that contain things like bleach in them. They’ll be heavy-duty enough to kill any mold that might be growing on wood furniture.

There are also some cleaning products that are designed specifically to kill mold. They might be your best bet as long as you’re able to use them on wooden surfaces.

Of course, it could be that you cannot see any mold in your home but suspect that it could be present. Mold can have serious consequences for your health, in addition to damaging your furniture, so you will want to look at where to get a mold test kit as soon as possible. Thankfully, GOT MOLD has this covered, with an easy-to-use home test kit.

Use the Proper Protective Gear When Cleaning Mold Off Furniture

Once you secure the cleaning products that you’ll need to kill any mold growing on wood furniture, you’ll want to put on a bunch of protective gear to get ready to attack this mold. If you don’t do this, you might end up inadvertently exposing yourself to mold and making yourself sick.

You should put on rubber gloves to protect your hands from mold. You should also put on a mask or, better yet, a respirator to reduce the chances of you breathing in mold.

Wearing safety goggles would be a great idea as well. It’s well worth going above and beyond to cover up as much of your body as you can when you’re dealing with mold. However, not everyone has protective gear ready and buying them could cost too much for the average household. Therefore, hiring professional help with mold in Kingston, or wherever it is you may be, is a great solution for everyone.

Use Cleaning Products to Scrub Mold Off Furniture

After you put on all the right protective gear, you’ll officially be prepared to remove mold from your furniture. You can do this by placing your cleaning solution on the mold and then using a brush or a cleaning pad to take the mold off.

As long as you haven’t allowed mold to linger on your furniture for months on end, you should be able to wipe it away fairly fast. But you may need to put a little bit of elbow grease into it if some of the mold proves to be stubborn.

You should spend as much time as you need to trying to remove all the mold that has grown on your furniture. You should be able to get the job done within about 30 minutes or so.

Sand Down the Portion of Your Furniture Affected by Mold

If you’ve had mold growing on your furniture for quite some time now, it might not just be sitting on the surface anymore. Some of the mold may have actually worked its way down into your furniture.

If you think this might be the case, you should do more than just attempt to wipe mold away from your furniture. You should also pull out some sandpaper and sand down any portions that were particularly affected by mold growth.

By doing this, you should be able to eliminate all of the mold from your wood furniture, including the mold that is sitting below the surface. It might affect the appearance of your furniture a little bit, but this will be better than having mold return because you weren’t able to get rid of all of it.

Let the Portion of Your Furniture That Had Mold on It Dry

After you’re done cleaning mold off furniture, there will be some moisture left behind. It’ll be imperative that you let this moisture dry before you begin using your furniture again.

If you don’t, you might experience additional mold growth in the future. You’ll be better off letting your furniture sit out in the open so that it can dry for a little bit.

Replace Furniture That Has Too Much Mold on It

If you only have a little mold growing on furniture, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing any of it. But if your furniture is covered in mold, replacing it might be your only good option.

Visit to see some of the living room furniture that might work well in your home. Consider investing in it if you aren’t able to figure out how to clean mold off furniture.

Know How to Clean Mold Off Furniture Before Getting Started

If you don’t know how to clean mold off furniture, you might end up making a big mess when you try to do it. You could actually make a bad situation even worse than it already is. This is why most people should hire a professional like Mold Remediation Coral Springs or a similar one to do it instead.

The mold cleaning tips found here should help you clean mold off furniture without a problem. They should also stop mold from ever coming back and wreaking havoc on your furniture again.

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