How to Choose Between Different Types of Bongs

Not all bongs are created equal. There are actually a number of different types of bongs. And if you’re brand new to the world of weed, it can be a really tricky obstacle to know what’s best for you.

Fear not, fellow stoner. That’s exactly why we created this quick guide. By the end of this article, you’ll have intimate knowledge of all the types of bongs and know exactly which one is for you.

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Types of Bongs

Choosing between these types can be tough, but it really comes down to what you’re looking for. Here are some types of bongs you can choose from.

Straight-Tube Bongs

It’s one of the most common types of bongs. They are typically made from glass, and they have a straight tube shape with a small bowl at the top.

The bowl is where you put your tobacco or herbs, and the stem is where the smoke goes. Straight tube bongs can be used with or without a water chamber.

Gravity Bongs

A gravity bong, also known as a GB, is a type of bong that uses a sealed container filled with water to create a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the smoke from the bowl and into the water, cooling and filtering it before it’s inhaled.

GBs are usually made from plastic or glass and can be either homemade or purchased. If you find yourself interested in gravity bongs, shop here and see their best deals!

Bubbler Bongs

A Bubbler Bong is a type of water pipe that uses a small bowl and a tube to filter smoke through water. The name “Bubbler Bong” comes from the bubbling sound that is made when the smoke is filtered through the water. Some people also call it a bubbler pipe, which comes in various shapes and colors.

It’s usually made from glass, but can also be made from plastic or metal. It’s typically smaller than regular bongs and is often used for smoking cannabis.

Recycler Bongs

It’s a type of bong that features a looped system that allows the user to effectively recycle water to use for smoking.

This system allows for a more efficient and effective smoking experience, as well as helps to prevent the water from becoming dirty too quickly.

They are generally considered to be more expensive than traditional bongs, but many smokers feel that they are worth the extra cost.

How to Choose the Right One

When considering which type of bong to buy, it’s important to think about what you will be using it for.

If you are a first-time user, you may want to choose a simple and sturdy one made of glass or plastic bongs. These materials are easy to clean and are less likely to break.

If you are an experienced user, you may want to choose a more intricate bong made of ceramic or metal, which can offer a more intense smoking experience.

It’s also important to consider the size of the bong. If you will be using it for sharing, you will need a larger bong, but if you will be using it for personal use, a smaller bong will suffice.

Whatever you choose, make sure to clean it regularly to keep it in good condition.

Learn More About Different Types of Bongs Today

If you are wondering how to choose between different types of bongs, the best way to decide is by thinking about what you will be using the bong for.

Whichever type you choose, make sure that it’s the right size and shape for you so that you can enjoy your smoking experience.

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