Rhinoplasty for Men – How the Procedure Differs For Men

A nose job should fit a man’s facial features. A skilled plastic surgeon considers unique factors like skin thickness to achieve a natural-looking outcome.

Dr. Westreich is a proponent of transparency and openness, so he thoroughly discusses his surgical approach with each male client. This helps to build trust and confidence during the consultation process.


Male patients often seek nose surgery to correct a large or bulbous nose, a common side effect of chronic rosacea. A congenital condition or an injury can also cause an enlarged nose. Rhinoplasty can address these issues and improve facial balance while achieving cosmetic goals.

Many men want a more masculine-looking nose, and rhinoplasty can achieve this by decreasing the size or changing the shape of the nose. Men with a weak chin can also benefit from a chin implant to enhance their face and complement their new nose.

Choosing a surgeon with a keen eye for facial balance is important for the best results. Look for a double board-certified surgeon in otolaryngology-head, head, head and neck surgery, who has extensive training and practice in nasal and sinus procedures.

It would help if you also chose a doctor with surgical privileges at a well-established hospital. This demonstrates excellence and skill and gives you confidence that your doctor will know how to perform a safe, effective procedure for your needs.

Distinctive Features

Men are a diverse group and have different aesthetic goals. Some of these include wanting to look strong or masculine, while others want more balanced features. Regardless of the plan, a skilled plastic surgeon can tailor the plastic surgery Bellevue to the patient’s needs and produce results that fit their masculine identity.

Because of the differences in facial and skeletal anatomy between men and women, a man’s nose surgery must consider unique characteristics. This includes skin thickness, which may require a different approach to surgical planning.

Another consideration is the nose’s shape. Generally, men prefer a larger, bolder nose with distinctive properties such as a narrower bridge and a well-defined tip. While this is not a universal view, it helps to understand the general expectations of men seeking rhinoplasty. Generally, they do not want to “feminize” their nose, as this can disrupt facial harmony. Instead, the nose should be in proportion with other masculine facial features.

Skin Thickness

Men typically have thicker nasal skin than women, which may affect what can be achieved surgically. Thick skin limits how much cartilage can be removed to reduce the size of the nose, so rhinoplasty surgeons must carefully consider the thickness of the skin when developing the surgical plan for each patient.

A skilled plastic surgeon will know how to preserve the masculinity of the nose while bringing the desired structural features into balance. This may include reducing a large dorsal bump without making the nose “dainty” or placing a male chin implant simultaneously to enhance facial symmetry and balance.

Remember that the nose is only one aspect of the face, and the overall facial aesthetic is important. It should never be considered a means of changing who you are, and your plastic surgeon must understand your unique goals for the procedure. This is why Dr. Weintraub specializes in complex revision rhinoplasties for men undergoing previous procedures.

Aesthetic Goals

Rhinoplasty can create a more masculine facial appearance or correct structural defects. It can also address breathing issues such as a deviated septum or nasal valve collapse, leading to snoring or sinus problems.

When choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your male rhinoplasty, finding one with a good understanding of facial structure and balance is important. Look for a surgeon with experience working on men’s noses who displays a strong aesthetic sense through their portfolio.

Men typically have thicker skin than women, which can affect their rhinoplasty procedure’s surgical approach and results. The ideal nose shape for a man can vary depending on their ethnicity and personal goals. Still, it should be shaped strongly and well-defined without appearing too large or disproportionate to the rest of the face. It should also have a prominent bridge to achieve a masculine appearance.



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