How Does Recycling Affect Our Health?

Air and water pollution aren’t just any problems that we should ignore. They can cause harm to us and all kinds of living things. And as humans, we should think of ways on how to solve these issues. One way is through recycling. Recycling has plenty of environmental benefits.

Aside from the environment, it is also favorable for our health. Unfortunately, we can’t have zero waste, but recycling is one way to reduce the stuff that we throw away in the trash. When we learn plastic, paper, copper, and aluminum recycling, we also learn to live a healthier and sustainable life.

In this article, we will explain in detail how recycling affects our health.

Recycling can help us breathe cleaner air

We extract raw materials and natural resources, like coal and natural gases, to produce new products. And the more fossil fuels we burn, the more harmful gases we release into the atmosphere, which causes air pollution. Therefore, the air we breathe in is harsh to our health and can cause diseases like asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory diseases.

But there’s something we can do about this. Recycling helps minimize the production of new goods, which limits the consumption of our natural resources. So if we start recycling our waste materials, we help lessen air pollution. The cleaner the air we breathe in, the healthier we become. 

Recycling can help prevent starvation

Another health benefit of recycling is the prevention of starvation. Recycling is not only applicable to the material things we use. We can also recycle our food waste. You may be thinking, “how does recycling help prevent starvation?” We used to throw away stale food as we believe they are no longer useful. But if we put them in the compost and use them as fertilizers, we can grow fruits and vegetables. This is one way to live a sustainable life. As long as you have plants in your backyard, you wouldn’t have to worry about the food you will eat. 

Unemployment is also one cause why people starve. Thankfully, plenty of recycling companies are being established, which gives others job opportunities. These companies help the jobless earn and bring food to their family. 

Recycling is good for our mental health

Recycling is not only best for our physical health. It is also good for our mental health. We become socially responsible whenever we recycle, and this can give us a sense of fulfillment. Playing our part in preserving our environment gives us satisfaction and happiness. Being happy keeps our mental health in a good state. And since recycling keeps our home clutter-free, our mind is at peace, and we’re able to relax whenever we’re at home.

Recycling is undeniably good both for the environment and us, and we should make it a part of our daily living. The lesser products we consume, the better our environment will become. The more health benefits we get, as well. It takes a lot of effort to recycle, but you will realize that everything is worth it if you look at its benefits.



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