GoPro Tips For Travelers

GoPro is quickly becoming one of the most popular cameras for travelers. It is small so it can fit in just about any bag. Not to mention the fact it is easy to use and waterproof. A GoPro isn’t a normal camera, it is an action camera. It works a bit differently from most cameras that you are used to holding. But if you want to know how to master your GoPro for traveling read these tips.

Get A GoPro Carrying Case

A GoPro carrying case can help you to keep your camera safe while you travel. Most cases also give you plenty of space to store all of your best GoPro accessories. With a case all of your accessories from your charger to grips are all kept in the same place so you won’t lose them.

Have A Selection Of Mounts

When you are traveling you never know when you might come across a difficult to shoot scene. Make sure to get a good selection of mounts so that you can shoot anything that comes up. Besides a basic grip, a tripod and an extendable stick are usually a must for travelers.

Use Burst Mode Or Time-Lapse

Because GoPros are hard to aim and ensure that everything is right for your photo, instead of taking time checking each photo after, try using burst mode. This will take a collection of photos at one time and you can pick from them which one you want to keep. You could also use time-lapse that continues to take photos until you stop it by pressing the power button again.

Try Using Protune

Once you have your GoPro it is a good idea to learn the basics of photography such as exposure and sharpness. In Protune mode you can manual adjust these to get the perfect picture. Photos taken using Protune often come out looking more realistic too.

Keep The Lens Clean

One of the great things about the GoPro is that you can take it anywhere. In the rain, in the heat, in the water, etc. If you take your camera with you everywhere, you need to make sure the lens is clean. Just about anything you encounter could stick to the lens and potentially prevent you from having something obstructing your shot.

Bringing a lens cloth can help to quickly remove debris and fog from the lens. Make sure to keep the cloth as clean as possible.

Get An LCD Screen

Being able to see your images while you are taking them or reviewing them without taking out your phone can be a big benefit. Sure the fanciest GoPros now have a screen but a lot of us go for an older model to cut costs. After all, many of the older models of GoPro still work perfectly. For the GoPros that don’t have a screen built in, you can buy a small external screen that snaps onto the back of the camera.

Experiment With Your GoPro

The most important thing to keep in mind after all of this is that you should experiment with your GoPro. By playing around with settings, perspectives, and different shooting modes, you will learn more about what works and doesn’t work. You will also learn what you like and don’t like to do with your GoPro.

A GoPro by itself works fine but the quality of photos you take will be reduced when you treat it like a normal camera. GoPros are great for traveling but they are also an action camera so they work a bit differently from other cameras. These tips are meant to help you take advantage of that and get amazing shots every time.



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