Expert Tips for Effective Garage Door Repair Services

Your garage door accounts for a significant portion of your home’s exterior. Staying on top of maintenance is important to keep it looking its best.

It’s also good to network with other businesses and professionals in your community to grow your customer base. Building relationships and providing value can lead to valuable referrals in the future.

Inspecting the Cables and Pulleys

During condition inspections, all cables should be visually inspected for fraying and excessive wear. It is especially important to check the areas where they bend around pulleys and pass through fairleads, as this is where most problems occur. Cables should also be checked for proper tension, as specified by the kit maker.

Pulleys should be inspected and, if necessary, lubricated with a water-displacing lubricant. This lubricant will help keep dirt and debris from accumulating in critical areas where it can damage cables, pulleys, and fairleads.

A reliable garage door repair services will have a well-maintained website, a good reputation in the community, and positive online reviews from previous clients. Additionally, a company that has been in business for a few years will likely have experience working on different types of garage doors. This means that they have the knowledge to fix various problems and can provide quality repairs and maintenance services.

Testing the Safety Eye Sensors

Since 1993, all garage door systems have been required to have a safety feature called a photo eye sensor. These sensors are situated on either side of the door, and they shoot an infrared beam between them to ensure that nothing is blocking the closing path of the garage door. If the sensor’s line of sight is interrupted by something like a person or a bike, the system will stop the door from closing and reverse it back into the open position.

One of the most common reasons the photo eye sensors might not work is that they need to be cleaner. Wipe down the lenses with a soft cloth and a mild cleanser to remove any dirt that might be causing them not to function correctly. You should also ensure the green LED light is on and that both sensors are aligned. If the LED lights are blinking, it is a sign that the sensors are out of alignment.

Checking the Rollers and Hinges

One of the most common causes of a noisy garage door is a problem with the hinges. These allow panels to pivot smoothly upon opening and closing the door, but over time, they can start to flex. This can cause uneven movement of the door sections and lead to other problems later on.

It’s important to examine the hinges regularly for signs of wear and tear. This includes checking for rust and looseness. If there’s any lateral movement of the hinge, it needs to be tightened or replaced. You should also look for gray dust around the oblong hole where the tubular hinge pin mates with the hinge bracket.

If you find any issues with the rollers or hinges, contacting a professional for help is a good idea. Rollers and hinges are under high tension, so avoid handling them alone. A professional will be able to quickly and safely make the necessary repairs.

Cleaning the Tracks

A squeaky garage door could be caused by gunk stuck in the tracks. For example, sand can build up in the tracks along with hair, dust, and debris. You can remove most of the gunk by lightly brushing and vacuuming the tracks with a small vacuum attachment.

If there is still some stuck-on dirt, try using a solvent such as automotive brake cleaner on a wet rag. Afterward, wipe down the tracks on either side of the garage doors to ensure they are clean and free from obstructions. Generally, the only places you should ever grease are the hinges at the ends of each track, but remember to avoid lubricating plastic parts as they may break down.

Always ask a potential repair company for their physical address, which will help separate manipulative companies from trusted professionals. In addition, be sure to verify their insurance coverage as well. This will protect you if something unexpected happens while the technician works on your home.



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