5 Reasons Every Canadian Should Try CBD Oil Now That It’s Legal

CBD oil is famous for its health benefits for humans. Some Canadians are relying on CBD to relax, be creative, relieve certain ailments, sleep better, and get rid of anxiety, among many other reasons. 

If you haven’t tried CBD oil yet, now is the best time to start. In Canada, you can find hundreds if not thousands of different products on the market. And some of them might interest and surprise you the most. If you really want to explore the market, don’t miss this amazing CBD oil wholesale from Laurelcrest!

That being said, here are five reasons why every Canadian should try CBD oil.

1. CBD oil for pain relief

This is probably one of the most popular and important reasons why Canadians are buying CBD oil. CBD contains analgesic properties that are often used to treat chronic pain caused by various ailments. Some ailments such as arthritis pulled muscle, insomnia, damaged nerves, etc. can disturb your daily activities and even lead to depression.

This is why relieving pain with CBD is on the top of many people’s priorities. And considering you need to relieve pain to help you perform various tasks better, not getting high from taking CBD is a positive benefit. Furthermore, unlike painkillers, the side effects are more manageable. 

2. Sleep

A lot of people are suffering from insomnia; they are having difficulty falling or staying asleep. If untreated for too long, this can cause long-term effects to the health. And not to mention, it will be difficult to do anything during the day.

CBD oil is great at helping you sleep and also improve your sleep quality. Getting high-quality sleep is critical for your health, and if you think nothing else can help you, you can always turn to CBD oil. 

To start using it, you can take a dose of CBD at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Keep in mind that it is difficult to predict when the CBD is going to take effect, so you may need to experiment with the timing. 

3. CBD oil for stress and anxiety

Just like many other ailments, stress and anxiety can prevent you from performing various tasks and relax. When the condition gets worse, you can feel your heart beating faster and your blood pressure rising. Chronic stress is also linked to the main six causes of death as lung problems, cirrhosis of the liver, accidents, cancer, heart disease, and suicide.

CBD oil can help stabilize your hormone and even stimulate the production of serotonin, which makes you feel happy. Some people also use CBD oil before giving a public speech or presentation at work. If you’re worried about this, just know that CBD has been used to reduce stress and anxiety for centuries.

4. Can be used when you’re healthy or sick

CBD can be used regularly, no matter when you’re healthy or sick. It will always give you many health benefits such as boosting your immunity and improving your neurological functions. This flexibility means that Canadians can rely on CBD oil whenever they need no matter their conditions. And CBD will always be able to alleviate their condition even just a bit. 

That being said, if you are on any kind of medication, please consult your doctor about whether taking CBD is safe or not. Because some medications can interact negatively with CBD.

5. CBD is all-natural

People who are worried about using harmful products in their daily lives can rest easy knowing that CBD is all-natural. CBD oil in Canada is the natural alternative to modern medicines that people have been looking for. This means that CBD is much safer, has milder side effects, and won’t give you more problems. 

The way CBD works is simply helping your body to function properly and regulate all bodily functions it’s supposed to do. It is the substance that your body needs to prevent itself from overacting to imbalances that may deteriorate your health.


There are plenty of reasons for Canadians to try CBD. Even a lot more than just the five reasons above. People are also taking CBD for different purposes, if you can determine for what purposes you need to take CBD oil, then there’s no reason to delay it further. In Canada, you have plenty of options when it comes to CBD oil, and you’re free to choose whichever you need.



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