3 Car and Truck Trends to Expect Over the Next Few Years

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Whether you fancy a compact sedan or a powerful pick-up truck, deciding on a new vehicle can be a challenging endeavor. There are so many things to consider, like fuel efficiency, safety features, and comfort. Oh, and don’t forget the importance of driving around in style. 

With so many considerations to be made, it’s more important than ever to consider the up-and-coming trends of the car and truck industry. Not only will this keep you informed, but it will also help you to buy a car, truck, or SUV of your dreams. 

Big Vehicles Will Rule the Market Once Again

Between the years of 2011 and 2014, gas prices raised to scary-high levels. During these years, you were lucky if you could fill your tank for less than $4 per gallon. Because of this, drivers began to gravitate towards smaller, fuel-efficient cars. Bye bye GM Hummer, hello Toyota Prius

But things are changing once again, and gas prices have remained steadily affordable for several years. This means that more people are turning to large vehicles once again, like trucks and SUVs.

Cheaper gas cost isn’t the only reason to make the switch to a larger-than-life truck or SUV. Manufacturers are focusing more than ever on fuel efficiency, and that includes large vehicle makes. There is even some speculation that the Ford F150, the top-selling vehicle in America, will feature both hybrid and electric options for the 2021 model. Though its unclear whether Ford will be ready by then to release an electric version without sacrificing power, they’ve made their intentions clear. Big vehicles are perfect for hauling, towing, and soccer-momming all over the place, and now they’re becoming more fuel-efficient than ever. 

New Plug-In Models on the Way

Hybrids are becoming more popular than ever, but what’s gaining even more popularity is the full-on electric vehicle. We’re all familiar with the fancy Tesla plug-in, but more car manufacturers are focusing on their electric vehicle offering. There’s a big reason for this; drivers are opting for electric because they’re able to earn a major annual tax credit for their environmental good-doings. And installing EV Chargers in customers’ homes is easy and affordable, too.

Although the Tesla continuously ranks as a top performer for luxury electric cars, more big names in the car industry are hopping on board. So if you already have good things to say about EVs, just wait…there’s is a lot more electric driving innovation to come, many expected to come as early as 2021. 

It’s Time to Go Back to Simplicity

Over the years, car manufacturers have forgotten the importance of simplicity. Every new car model to hit the market since 2010 has been fancier than the last. Now, major vehicle manufacturers are focusing on going back to the basics with simple designs that are easy to use. 

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on luxury, just that each button, knob, and special feature within your new car will be easy to use. Rather than tons of small buttons on the dashboard that remain a mystery to the driver, cars will feature large buttons, easy-to-turn knobs, and simple designs. 



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