Healthiest Cities In The US

Being healthy is an important part of life. In order to live a long time and avoid large medical bills, we need to do everything we can to keep our bodies healthy. One of the best things that we can do for our bodies is to find a health city to live in. When it comes to living in the United States, you should pick one of the following cities to live in.

San Francisco, California

San Fransisco is known as the Golden City or Fog City. While it is probably most remembered for its giant bridge, it is also the healthiest city in the country when you take into account multiple factors. As far as healthcare goes, it only ranks number 24 in the nation but for greenspace and food, it ranks number one. Fitness-wise San Francisco sits at number 10 in the nation.

Seattle, Washington

Many people think of Seattle being a healthy city. People bike around and there are a large number of gyms throughout the city. Ranking wise, Seattle comes in number 2 for greenspace in the city. You will find a large number of unique little parks in the city. Food and Fitness both come in at number 5. Healthcare wise it comes in at a 25, one point above San Francisco.

San Diego, California

San Diego is home to a lot of art and artists. You will also find the notorious San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park, both of them are amazing outdoor attractions. San Diego is 33 in terms of health care quality and availability. The food and fitness tie again at number 3. The amount of greenspace in the city is at number 7 in the country.

Portland, Oregon

If you have visited Seattle, Portland might seem very similar to you. The two cities share a lot of the same mindset. When it comes to rankings, it a little lower in most aspects though. Health care in the city is only at 47 in the nation. Being 6th for food and 4th for greenspace help to make up for that low health care score. For fitness, Portland rates 17.

Washington, DC

The Capital of the country ranks at number 5 in the nation for healthiest cities. People think of the city as a powerhouse with lots of traffic and other issues. However, people do their best to stay healthy despite their busy lifestyles. Healthcare in the Capital ranks at 25, a little surprising since the President spends a lot of his time in the area. Greenspace wise it ranks at number 3, with a large number of parks and monuments to enjoy. Food and fitness rankings are 10 and 15, respectively.

New York City, New York

Giant skyscrapers and loads of people don’t typically scream fitness to people but New York manages to come in at the 6th healthiest city in the country. New York excels highly at food, with plenty of options around. Despite being a packed city, it ranks number 14 in greenspace with parks fit in wherever they can go. As you might have guessed, the health care ranking for New York City is pretty low, sitting at number 70 in the nation. The other factors make up for that though, and that number is still pretty high when you consider the number of cities in the country.

How you live is just as important as where you live. The various factors that revolve around your health can make a big impact on your life. From having greenspace to being able to get healthy food, it all plays a role in your overall health.

Pros And Cons Of Turning Your Spare Bedroom Into An Airbnb

Airbnb has been a very popular way to make a little bit of extra money. A lot of people have a spare bedroom and a good portion of those people are curious about turning it into a short-term rental. They are on the edge and want to know the pros and cons of turning your spare bedroom into an Airbnb.

Let’s look at both the pros and cons of turning a spare bedroom into an Airbnb.

Pro: Extra Income

It never hurts to have a little bit of extra income. A single bedroom will not generate as much as a whole home but you can do a lot to raise the value of a single room rental. Anything extra that you earn can be used to help pay the mortgage or buy food.

Con: More Competition

More people rent out single rooms than they do whole homes. Unless you are in an area with limited Airbnbs it is likely you will have a lot of competition. The key to making money, in this case, is making your spare room stand out.

Pro: Less Regulations

Regulations aimed at rentals are usually targeted toward whole-home rentals. This is because you are present in your home while renters are there. This applies to license as well. Neighbors will be less worried about wild parties or bad short-term renters with you present at home too.

Con: You Have To Share Your Home

As much as it is nice to have an extra income, it can be a bit off-putting to have to share your home. While you have people staying in your home you can’t walk around however you want. You also have to worry about your belongings. For some people, this can turn you away from wanting to have an Airbnb.

Pro: Amazing Experiences

When you rent out a room you get to meet a lot of really interesting people from cultures around the world. Even if you don’t interact much, you do get to get a peek into the world of people who are far different from those you are used to interacting with.

Con: More Work

Running an Airbnb requires a fair amount of work. You have to keep your place clean, do the laundry for the linens in the rental room. Maintaining the listing and messaging with potential renters also takes up time. You will have to learn new skills to help you stay up on the management of your rental room.

Pro: A Lot Of Flexibility

People who use traditional routes for short-term rentals have a little less flexibility. There is a lot of flexibility with Airbnb. You can set times for when you will be out of town and otherwise unavailable. Controlling how long someone gets to stay, how you get paid, and many other options is very easy.

Con: Not As Certain As A Roommate

Roommates are great because they are on your lease and you know that you will get regular payments from them. Airbnb is a little more up in the air. You don’t know when you will get bookings and thus your income stream is a little less concrete.

Pro: Insurance From Airbnb

Airbnb provides all of its hosts with insurance against acts committed by those who stay in the rental room. Should something go wrong, something gets stolen, or something gets destroyed, it is covered.

Now that you know the pros and cons of turning your room into an Airbnb, you can make an informed decision on whether to start being an Airbnb host. Everyone has their own unique circumstances and being a host might be right for you and it might not.