What Are the Best Soccer Betting Strategies That Exist Today?

If you’re an avid soccer fan and want to get into betting, it’s critical to know the right strategies. To be successful, you’ll want to bet on a range of things, not just whether a team will win or lose.

It’s easy to lose money when betting at random. Instead, you’ll want to maximize your probability. 

To do this, you need to know the best soccer betting strategies out there. To help you find the best strategy, here is everything you need to know.  

Betting on Corners 

One of the best strategies is to bet on corners. Most online betting sites, like MLS Betting, offer a variety of markets to bet on. By betting on corners in soccer, you’re more likely to make money. 

All it means is that you win money when one team wins a certain number of corners. 

Corner kicks happen all the time in soccer, so your odds are high if you bet on them. You can keep track of the number of corner kicks a team usually wins in a game and use that as a guiding number. 

It’s also helpful to look at attacking and defensive statistics as well as pitch size and weather. These factors all play a role in how teams win corners, so it’s important to pay attention. 

Betting on the Double Chance 

Another aspect of smart betting is to bet on double chance. This is a great bet for gamblers who are risk-averse.

You win if one of two things happen. Betting on double chance increases your outcome by one-third. However, because these odds are easier to win, you’ll need to stake higher to win more money. 

Bet on the Favorites 

Betting on the favorites is one of the most common soccer betting strategies. Betting on favorites is another risk-averse form of betting. Because the favorites are more likely to win, you’ll win more than you lose. 

But, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll win and it can be hard to sustain a profit in the long run. Overall, it’s still a promising strategy, especially when starting out. 

Going Low on Bookings 

Don’t overlook “dead games” that don’t mean much to either team. These games often have a lot of bets for red and yellow cards using a scoring system. 

Before betting, do research on the referee of the match. By looking up their history, you’ll see whether they’re more likely to call fouls and hand out cards. 

The ideal game to bet on is those with low-carding referees and in a match that doesn’t matter as much to the teams. These types of games are more likely to produce fewer cards and therefore, earn you more money.

Now You Know the Best Soccer Betting Strategies 

These are currently the best soccer betting strategies out there today. Though you may sometimes get lucky, it’s not a good idea to bet randomly. By following these strategies, you’re more likely to walk away with gains. 

Plus, it’s always good to do your research. Read about the match-ups beforehand and make an educated decision. Though nothing is promised, you’ll drastically increase your odds.

And for more cool betting strategies, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We have a ton of other helpful articles that you’ll love! 



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