The Legal Ins and Outs of Online Betting in Malaysia

Did you know that the Malaysian government loses approximately 1 billion tax dollars to illegal gambling each year?

Malaysia has a long and complicated history surrounding the legal status of gambling. And, with the advent of online gambling, it’s getting even harder to understand and interpret the law.

We’ve put together this rundown on the legal ins and outs of online betting in Malaysia to help you stay informed.

Read on for everything you need to know.

Malaysian Gambling Law

Because Malaysia is a majority Muslim country, the government prohibits almost all types of gambling. Gambling is strictly forbidden under Sharia Law, which means it is completely off-limits to around 60% of the population.

In Malaysia, gambling regulations are governed by three principal frameworks:

  • Betting Act 1953
  • Common Gaming Houses Act 1953
  • Sharia Law

Malaysian civil contract law states that any monetary agreements involving gaming are null and void. This means players have no legal recourse in seeking payment from gambling wins.

Except for the Genting Casino in Pahang, Malaysia outlaws all land-based gaming institutions.

Is Online Betting Legal?

Malaysian officials wrote these main gambling laws almost 70 years ago, a long time before the internet existed. Because of this, they do not include any specific statutes regarding online gambling. 

The Malaysian government has the authority to prohibit internet casinos within its territory, which makes sense. However, they have no say over how players participate in international sites or games. As long as you are over the age of 18, you’ll be able to create a free account on most sites.

Most online betting sites welcome Malaysian consumers. They can use their services just as any other player would, with no betting or time limits. So if you live in Malaysia and want to have fun betting online, know that you can!

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Is There a Choice of Venues?

Unlike land-based casinos, of which there is only one in Malaysia, there are hundreds of top-rated, professionally run international gambling sites available in the country.

The government doesn’t censor online gambling sites. So, players are able to access online casinos with top-flight services. Because these companies are registered abroad, they can legally provide their services to countries with restricted gaming laws, like Malaysia.

While some of Malaysia’s gambling laws could apply to gaming websites, the Malaysian government has no interest in prosecuting individual online gamblers. 

Online Betting in Malaysia Explained

While there is somewhat of a grey area surrounding the legality of online betting in Malaysia, legal precedent has shown us that it is entirely safe to do so.

Always be sure to use a trusted, accredited international betting service when betting in Malaysia to ensure your winnings are paid in a timely way.

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